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You are entering
a soul sanctuary ~ a sacred,
creative space within which to unfold
and explore your unique, vibrant communion
with heaven and earth. The world's oldest
and most respected oracle ~ the
I Ching, or
Zhouyi, is
your guide on the

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The best way to forge a relationship with the
Zhouyi is to begin interacting with it yourself.

To start your own soulful conversation, click
on Turtle to be guided through a divination.

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If you’ve already asked a question on this site and know your way around, click on Dragon to go straight to the inner sanctum.

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Either of the above options will give you a deeply personalised response.
In addition, I've also started providing a weekly answer from the Zhouyi which
will be relevant for anyone who sees it on this page or my facebook page.

the answer to your question this week (from Sunday 29th March) is:

Eradicating Disharmony.

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This looks like thunder under mountain, Nurturing the World,
below, which shows an image of an open mouth. (Think of the
outside, solid lines as the lips, and the broken ones in the middle
as teeth and you'll see it, even though the teeth are sideways.)

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But with Eradicating Disharmony there's an obstacle between those teeth,
which needs to be bitten through in order for balance to be restored.

The dramatic overall image is strengthened by the trigrams
which make it up: thunder is below and fire ~ lightning ~ is above.

So this week is a chance to really deal with a difficult obstacle
which has been hindering you, whether internal or external.

This won't happen in a 'just let go and everything will fall into place'
kind of way...unless, of course, your obstacle itself
involves a tendency to be too strident or hectic.

More likely, you're being called to finally address something
which has been restricting or hindering you in some way.

Whether that's clearing up a nagging misunderstanding
with someone,beginning to exercise each day, getting
rid of a rotting pile of boxes at the bottom of the garden,
honestly facing recurring negative thoughts as they arise
rather than indulging them, committing to a project you have
been unsure about or decisively withdrawing from it,
this week look at what is disharmonious in your life which you
have the power to change ~ and take decisive action to change it.

Sound like hard work?
Very likely.

But it'll be worth it.

All power to you!

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