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Pea green cups by Semay, January 2020

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Semay glazing her cups in Rennaldburn's workshop

I’m an artist who loves working with a wide range of media,
and offer a variety of art workshops at Rennaldburn that
can be enjoyed by people of all levels of experience.

Many are also suitable for children,
if with an adult. (Do check first :)

I feel this multimedia approach is valuable for a few reasons.
In my own practice, working with a variety of mediums adds
greatly, not only to the range and scope of work that I can
make, but also to a sense of infinite possibility inherent
in the act of creation ~ and, therefore, in life itself.

It also brings a sense of excitement,
of embracing playful curiosity, which, again,
carries through to the wider world.

Each medium also has its own very distinct energy.
To work with the density and pliability of clay, for example,
is evocative in a very different way than working with ink
and fabric, with marks on paper, with glass and light.

People can also feel more blocked around certain media
than others: somebody who feels strongly that they ‘can’t draw’,
for instance, may enjoy working with clay without any resistance.

While it’s always possible to do work with, and within, the perceived limitation,
to simply use a different pathway in can feel immediately liberating for people.
It can awaken an experiential understanding of how a change in approach
or view can allow one to move beyond a perceived obstacle.

Prices are for a two-hour session, for up to four people.
A small amount is added for material & firing costs,
depending on the medium.

One person: £70
Two people: £50 each
Three people: £40 each
Four people: £35 each

Workshops offered:
(more details coming soon)

Prayer flag woodblock printing
Cyanotype sun prints
Glass painting
Glass casting
Glass fusing

Do get in touch if you're interested in doing an art workshop at Rennaldburn.

Workshops that involve a kiln firing combine well with a stay here :)

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