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Gallery of recent work for sale

Unless otherwise mentioned, all works are
painted with gouache, mounted & glazed.
Price includes delivery to a UK address.

If you’d like to see more photos of any works, ask
for sizes ~ as not all are listed yet ~ or have
any other questions at all, do get in touch to:

Blackbird by Fergus Hall


not available

Habby Sympson by Fergus Hall

Habby Sympson

Oils, 24" x 32" P.O.R.

King Sweeny by Fergus Hall

King Sweeny

Oils, 24" x 42" P.O.R.

Thenew by Fergus Hall


Oils, 24" x 29" P.O.R.

It's any person's journey on a spiritual path across the great unknown.

Where are we going?
Where are we heading?
In which direction are we bound?

Jock of Hazeldean by Fergus Hall

Jock o' Hazeldean

21 x 29" P.O.R.

I Saw the New Moon Late Yestreen... by Fergus Hall

I saw the new moon late yestreen
wi' the old moon in her arms…
Sir Patrick Spense

10 x 16"

The Fortune Teller by Fergus Hall

The Fortune Teller

not available

Galloway Landscape by Fergus Hall

Galloway Landscape

16 x 19"

The House in the Woods II by Fergus Hall

The House in the Woods II


Merlin by Fergus Hall


Painting 16" x 21"
Framed 23" x 29"

Tam O'Shanter by Fergus Hall

Tam O’Shanter

15 x 19"

all work © Fergus Hall