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Gallery of recent work for sale

Unless otherwise mentioned, all works are
painted with gouache, mounted & glazed.
Price includes delivery to a UK address.

If you’d like to see more photos of any works, ask
for sizes ~ as not all are listed yet ~ or have
any other questions at all, do get in touch to:

Blackbird by Fergus Hall


not available

Habby Sympson by Fergus Hall

Habby Sympson

Oils, 24" x 32" P.O.R.

King Sweeny by Fergus Hall

King Sweeny

Oils, 24" x 42" P.O.R.

Thenew by Fergus Hall


not available

It's any person's journey on a spiritual path across the great unknown.

Where are we going?
Where are we heading?
In which direction are we bound?

Jock of Hazeldean by Fergus Hall

Jock o' Hazeldean

not available

I Saw the New Moon Late Yestreen... by Fergus Hall

I saw the new moon late yestreen
wi' the old moon in her arms…
Sir Patrick Spense

Gouache, 10 x 16"

The Fortune Teller by Fergus Hall

The Fortune Teller

not available

Galloway Landscape by Fergus Hall

Galloway Landscape

Gouache, 16 x 19"

The House in the Woods II by Fergus Hall

The House in the Woods II

not available

Merlin by Fergus Hall


Gouache, 16" x 21"
Framed 23" x 29"

Tam O'Shanter by Fergus Hall

Tam O’Shanter

Gouache, 15 x 19"

all work © Fergus Hall