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These I Ching art cards are tiny in two ways; first the edition, limited to 250 decks with signed, hand-
embossed guides; second the size of the cards: each is just 6cm square.

The cards are described below, but here are a few other option to explore first if you prefer:

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Look at a gallery
of all the I Ching

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find out more
about this ancient
book of wisdom…

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…or begin your

What you get:

1: Sixteen 12x12cm double-sided cards, printed in full colour on 250gsm CD-cover paper stock.

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The un-cut cards, image-side up

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The un-cards, hexagram-side up

These will need to be cut into quarters by you to create the sixty-four 6x6cm cards: you can
use a guillotine or craft knife + ruler on a cutting mat…or scissors if you've a steady hand.

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The cards after being cut into quarters

2: Seven tiny wooden wands, six with hand-carved rings and one without, to use with the cards for divination.

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3: A wee full-colour, fold-out guide to the process with hand-embossed back cover.

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The 'what is?' side of the guide

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The ''how to?' side of the guide

4: Personal support from me to ensure you're up & running with the I Ching.

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As this tiny edition is a pilot for a full-size deck coming soon, my aim is to
gather feedback from all you first responders out there.
To this end, it's inexpensive despite its many handmade elements.

Click the buttons below to buy a deck through PayPal: 10% of all
proceeds go to treesisters, helping to reforest the Earth :)

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I Ching art cards including UK p&p:

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D.I.Y. cards + wands +
hand-embossed guide
+ organza bag

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all this + personalised,
hand-embossed box

I Ching art cards
international p&p:

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D.I.Y. cards + wands +
hand-embossed guide
+ organza bag

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all this + personalised,
hand-embossed box

stocked by:

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Wyrd shop, Edinburgh

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Lucia Lodge, Big Sur, California

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