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m o r n i n g
L i g h t w o r k s

    golden rosy cross

    This Sunday morning's matins Lightwork is a large rosy cross (12 x 16cm) made from Murano glass and millefiori from Venice and covered with 24 carat gold leaf.

    Here's a close-up of a some gold from the base of the cross: this is a material I love working with, both for its alchemical power and its beauty.

    The rosy cross is set into a Yew burl: it fits snugly but is easy to remove if you want to.

    Yew trees have a rich tapestry of myth and lineage around do rosy crosses.

    I was going to summarise that here, but need to take a little more time over it. When I do, I'll link it in here :)

    Here's the rosy cross in negative, to give a sense of its soulful presence...

    You can buy golden rosy cross here :)

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