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m o r n i n g
L i g h t w o r k s

    yarrow spirit

    This morning's Lightwork is a plant inclusion of yarrow in fused glass.

    'Yarrow spirit' inverted.
    This is a particularly alchemical process, whereby freshly collected plants can be put between two sheets of glass.
    If all goes well in the firing process, the plant materia burns away cleanly, leaving an ethereal white ash in its original shape.

    'Yarrow spirit' set into a hardwood base. Fused glass is 15cm x 5.5 cm; in the base it stands 20cm high.

    If the plant spirit doesn't feel like having a ghostly spirit of itself forever held for the delight of others, though, there are two main things which can go wrong. Either the hot air can gets in too quickly, burning away the inclusion altogether ~ or just leaving the faintest of impressions ~ or it doesn't burn cleanly away, leaving an air bubble in which the trapped plant has carbonised, like this piece with orchid inclusions, on the 'waiting to be re-fired' pile:

    Finished pieces can then become transparencies for fine art, photo-graphic (=light drawing) pieces; as with my other work, all images are available as prints too.

    You can buy yarrow spirit here :)

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