small tales

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There’s a story woven around the origination of every piece of artwork; here are some small tales about the ongoing journey of their creation…

the book of answers, my I Ching based blog, is here.

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3.12 time-lapse &
video of a St Brigid's
cross Imbolc offering

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In which I introduce my
new, improved blog with
a one-minute dream-
painting time-lapse

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3.40 time-lapse of
an angel taking form
to bless & welcome
back the light 21.12

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Feature article for
Caduceus on African
Dream Root & the
I Ching, with a 1.14
time-lapse + 27
illustrations 18.11

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An offering to the ancestors: the Making of the Dream Temple 19.10

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After Shambhala…
including a couple
of videos 06.09

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A 3.49 video to
give a taste of the
ancient Book of
Changes 21.08

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On the 4th Animus
exhibit + process
pics of my glass
work for it 23.07

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A 6.27 music video
for Emma Gillespie

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2.03 time-lapse of a
skylight painting at
Rennaldburn 25.05

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Inaugurating a new,
I Ching-themed blog

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A 7.21 music video
for Oisin HendriX 28.03

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A snowy guest post
by Cathy Van Hoppe 26.02

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First in a series
of dream image
time-lapses 28.01


    small tales


    Whatever the medium, when I create something there’s inevitably a bit of a yarn around it.

    So this blog, which has had many and varied ~ and some might say fairly erratic
    and technically tormented ~ incarnations , is hereby reborn as small tales.

    Here I’ll share the stories behind and above what I’m creating; after focussing
    on curating Animus ~ Art for the World Soul, for the last couple of years, I’m now
    relishing the renewed focus on using imagination as a path to spirit myself.

    For me, part of the process of keeping this pathway open is to image my dreams each day. (okay, most days :)
    This one-minute time-lapse, of which I intend to do many more, illustrates a recent flying dream
    in which the branches of a vast tree form a platform from which I can take off and land.

    Below is a previous blog venture:
    the button will take you to fifty-odd posts
    I made on Tumblr from 2015-2016 before
    I returned to the way back here…

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    © shenpen chökyi 2013