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There’s a story woven around the origination of every piece of artwork; here are some small tales about the ongoing journey of their creation…

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2.32: Rodriguez's song
illustrated with bubbles
on the River Ribble

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Two wee videos
celebrating mistical mornings
at Rennaldburn

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3.56 video filmed at
the Loupin Stanes in
a snowy Eskdalemuir

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3.12 time-lapse &
video of a St Brigid's
cross Imbolc offering

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In which I introduce my
new, improved blog with
a one-minute dream-
painting time-lapse


    the making of the dream temple

    Here's a time-lapse from some years ago, included here since I didn't have a blog then & still work in the same way, creatively manifesting my dreams where possible.

    I believe that messages from the Divine, when they are gifted to us, require a response: to be honoured and manifested. If we do this, we open up a free-flowing dialogue which continues to deepen the more we engage with it.
    A couple of years ago, I had a meaningful dream with which I followed this process by writing a song about it.
    It only occured to me reccently that I could take this further by actually creating the beautiful object which was the focus of it.
    After doing this, I again affirmed my desire to learn from my dreams and that night dreamed I was in a shop which sold ancient relics, hundreds or even thousands of years old.
    I was drawn to one, which was a figure inside a clay tube open at the top. The figure was obviously beautifully carved, but could never be properly seen as it was hidden within the non-removable casing.
    Although it was almost irresistably tantalising not to be able to see the figure, the meaning was clear: this was a heart-felt offering to the Ancestors which was meant to be hidden, with all the beauty on the inside.
    I wanted to honour this dream by creating this ancestral offering myself, and decided to time-lapse the process on the night of the winter solstice.

    Below is a previous blog venture:
    the button will take you to fifty-odd posts
    I made on Tumblr from 2015-2016 before
    I returned to the way back here…

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