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Stories, both mythical and everyday, form a
pathway leading to the creation of artwork.
Here are some postcards from the journey…

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    I still think of myself as an illustrator, in the Latin sense of the word ~ ‘lustare, illuminate’. Back in the nineties, though, I tried my hand as an illustrator in the more literal sense of the word (under my birth name, Ita Plattner), adorning book covers & magazine articles, but mainly CD covers.

    ‘Sunflower’ was the only one I did for a friend, though; Richard Walker, AKA Richard Amp.

    (Many years later, in May 2016, he created the soundtrack for Animus's first exhibition, Cherish the Extraordinary Crystallising Summer).

    His vision for it was for each sunflower-imaged CD to be wrapped in illustrated paper leaves:

    Painting on glass, I created sunflower images. This one, used in its inverted colours, was used for the enclosed CD:

    The first illustration shows another version. After being painted, the glass was then etched.

    It's double-framed with a wide, black laquer inner box frame and a narrower outer one painted with earth-friendly yellow ochre wood stain.

    (In the pic below it's come out red, but is actually yellow!)

    The painting is 11cm square, the outer frame's 20cm square...

    ...and it comes with a 175cm-long sari-silk 'train'.

    This covers the flex for whatever lighting is put behind it ~ which, in this photo, is warm-white fairy lights

    Here it is unlit:

    ...and from the side:

    It's £108 including UK p&p and you can buy it here.

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