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Stories, both mythical and everyday, form a
pathway leading to the creation of artwork.
Here are some postcards from the journey…

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    tiny shrine

    This morning's Lightwork is a tiny shrine of Padmasamhava.

    Also known as ‘Guru Rinpoche’, this Tantric adept from India played a central rôle in bringing Buddhism to Tibet in the eighth century.

    His image is a potent symbol of awakened mind.

    His image was pressed into porcelain from an antique Tibetan prayer flag woodblock, and raku-glazed.

    The base is carved sandstone, river-worn by the White Esk (on which sandstone is surprisingly rare).

    A handmade beeswax candle included ~ and the cavity also fits a nightlight candle.

    The underside is signed with a sun and a moon...

    The porcelain is 18cm high. Overall, the tiny shrine is 22cm high and 14cm wide.

    You can buy it here :)

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