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Stories, both mythical and everyday, form a
pathway leading to the creation of artwork.
Here are some postcards from the journey…

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    Wind Horse, River Horse

    Centre of the Windhorse

    Though known as a Buddhist symbol, the Wind Horse has been well-loved in East and Central Asia before Buddhism flowered there.

    "the word [windhorse] is still and often mistakenly taken to mean only the actual flag planted on the roof of a house or on a high place near a village. In fact, it is a symbol of the idea of well-being or good fortune. This idea is clear in such expressions as rlung rta dar ba, the 'increase of the windhorse,' when things go well with someone; rlung rta rgud pa, the 'decline of windhorse,' when the opposite happens. The colloquial equivalent for this is lam ’gro, which also means luck."

    ~ Samten Karmay, The Arrow and the Spindle: Studies in History, Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in Tibet.

    The Windhorse in the sunset...

    ...and from the other side.

    Karmay also suggests that the Wind Horse was originally the River Horse ~ tying in with ancient Chinese myths of dragons and dragon horses emerging from rivers.

    Whether a Wind Horse, a River Horse, or a synthesis of both, this magical being carrying flaming, wish-fulfilling jewels on its back brings peace, contentment and harmony.

    This Wind Horse was cast in glass from a Tibetan prayer flag woodblock; the plaster has been left in the crevices for its 'just unearthed' quality.

    The Windhorse just lit with reflected light...

    ...and from the other side.

    Windhorse has now found a home over the moon in New Zealand :)

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