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fifth exhibition:
Otherworldly Tales

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Otherworldly Tales is the fifth Animus ~ Art for the World Soul exhibition,
in which Catkin Van Hoppe, Fergus Hall, Julie MacLeod and Shen Chökyi
offer an Exhibition of paintings, glass, porcelain and poetry created
with gratitude for the quiet wisdom and wonder of the Otherworld.

A spell-laden collection of Wonderworkings that build a bridge to magic…

It runs from July 29th ~ August 31st 2022
at the Eskdalemuir Hub, DG13 0QJ

Catkin & Shen will also be opening their
Otherworldly studios on Saturday
July 30th, August 13th & 27th.

Do drop by!

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Catkin Van Hoppe
DG13 0PJ

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Shen Chökyi
DG13 0QQ

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fourth show:
Shambhala at

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third show:
Alban Arthan

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second show:
Harvest Moon

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first show:
Cherish the Extraordinary Crystallizing Summer

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